That one word has always best described my daily life. Currently, we are in the middle of a major remodel, Daniel has started classes at nonPareil in Plano, and my husband’s Mom is in rehab (her health has been failing for a long time… age and lung disease); then, lets add the parents support group that I’ve been trying to keep going, visiting a different dfw site each week. I know some of this I bring upon myself, but then some of my complications just naturally come with being a wife, mother, friend, sister, and so on.

Life never lets you tackle one obstacle and then move on… it just seems to increase as we get older. I thought retirement was supposed to mean a simpler life! HA!

My 60th birthday is approaching and I’m just hoping to have a new shower to enjoy.. the rest of the bathroom to be completed soon after, I hope. This is what happens when you buy a HUD foreclosure and the inspectors won’t go under the house (crawlspace too low). A few months after moving in, the floors start collapsing from rotten floor joists. We are rebuilding the substructure and the flooring one room at a time….hence the new bathrooms. I estimate about another 12 months of diy work (if the money holds out).

Daniel (my Aspergian son) is 30 days into his 90 trial period at nonPareil. He loves the work, struggles with the meetings…but is working on doing his best all round. He has a plan and a goal and I know he can do it. At the same time, Launchability is working with him to find a 2nd shift position so that he can pay his own way.

When Daniel finds that new position, I will be in the position of deciding what to do with a cookie route that Gene and I would struggle to run by ourselves (bad knees, bad memory, etc..). But I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

Oh and I forgot – the family is taking our once a year vacation/cruise in September and I’m trying to get that organized. Plus, my youngest son stationed with the Coast Guard in San Pedro California has invited us out to see their new place in October – so air tickets, park reservations, etc… Hopefully we will have the energy to enjoy and the money to pay for it all! I think I may hide away for Christmas!

I’ve got to lose some weight, starting eating better, and take care of myself so that I can live long enough to enjoy retirement!

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