Whirlwind of Activities and Changes

After waiting two years for any type of assistance or program, nonPareil and Launchability both contacted Daniel for program placement at the same time (June).  Daniel started with nonPareil in July and in August, Launchability helped him land a position with Neiman Marcus Direct.  His new position at NMD is 2nd shift allowing him to continue pursuing NP during the day (currently 3x a week for an hour plus individual study time).  

Daniel is very exciting with his training at NP, finding game production to be very, very interesting.   He is also very happy with his work environment at NMD (except that he would rather sort cookies or video games than women’s accessories! LOL!).   He says that his co-workers and supervisors at NMD are very friendly and helpful.

With his position at NMD, Daniel will work his way fairly quickly into being self-supporting.  After 60 days, he will start receiving benefits (health & more).

With his new commitments, Daniel has had to turn back the daily running of the Voortman Cookie route to his Dad and I.  So we are working out our new routines as well.  However, with Daniel becoming more settled, our life seems to be a bit gentler.

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