About Me

“Daniel’s Mother” – to my Aspergian (Aspie) son, I have always been “Mother”, not Mom or Mommy.  He has always been quite formal.  His name is Daniel, not Danny or Dan or any other derivative.  You see my son is very precise with the English language, and often frustrated by its very lack of precision.

I am writing this blog with my son’s permission.  I will have to leave out some details to protect my family but the story is true.

In writing our story, I don’t want people to get the impression that life has been terrible.   Much of our story also has precious moments.   I have often told people, in truth, that I loved every stage of my children’s lives.   My children may not be any more perfect than me, and I’m far from perfect, but they have been a joy and a blessing.  I have two sons by birth, one step-child, one step-step child, and five  ‘adopted’ children that have come and stayed for a season then moved on, as well as, about 40 or more abused and at-risk  children that we loved and nurtured in group home settings as house parents.

There is one other disclaimer.  I have a terrible memory.   In fact, I don’t remember my childhood.  I thought this was normal, and then while working with abused kids, a therapist told me that it was probably memory repression from some traumatic event in my childhood.  I don’t know, I only know that my brother could recall events from 3 years of age and I couldn’t remember anything before my 12th year, and then not much.  However, I’ve taken up diary writing off and on over the years, and Daniel fills in some blanks, so I haven’t forgotten everything!

I have made many mistakes, and I will be as honest as I can be.  But my story is mine – some experiences may resonate with a reader, but everyone’s story is unique.  In fact, what I hope you will see is that my sons and I are fighters, over-comers, and have not lost hope in our futures.

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