By Jove – He’s Got It! (almost)

Daniel has made some tremendous strides in the past two years as he has stepped up and learned the family business and taken responsibility in the day to day operations.

Two things that we were still working on getting him to accept were:  1) time management, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to make things perfect… pick a point and say to yourself it’s good enough and move on, and 2) filtering – remembering that every detail of every situation does not have to be shared…you can be truthful without sharing everything!

While Daniel is still working on #1 – time management, he had a breakthrough this week on #2 – filtering.   He was able to relay to me an event where he had answered someone’s questions without giving them every detail.   I was so ecstatic, Daniel less so, to him it still feels vaguely like lying and that bothers him.  However, he now accepts that this is the way the world works.

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